Foundation of Worship

Sometime ago I wrote an article on what it means to worship God in Spirit and Truth, I thought I will just emphasize a few things from that article. True worship is impossible without Jesus Christ In the conversation with the woman by the well Jesus says: “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit … Continue reading Foundation of Worship

Modesty Is A Christian Virtue

“You are cheap” is a derogatory remark that one may attract if, in the opinion of an accuser, the person does not spend freely. You face the brunt of the ‘cheapness’ police if you buy clothes and accessories that are ‘too cheap’ or a car that is ‘too cheap’ or organize an event at a place that is ‘too cheap’ or buy food that is … Continue reading Modesty Is A Christian Virtue

Praying With Paul

“When it comes to knowing God, many of us constitute a culture of the spiritually stunted. So much of our religion is packaged to address our felt needs—and these are almost uniformly anchored in our pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, without rightly understanding where true happiness and fulfillment lie. God becomes the Great Being who, potentially at least, meets our needs and fulfills our aspirations… … Continue reading Praying With Paul

Observations from Snarky Puppy

Playing music in a band is like being in a football team.  Each player knows the role he plays in the overall team.  The success of the team depends on how well they play together and support each other during the game.  We all know how badly a team can play when the team refuses to play together as a team.  Even teams with individually brilliant … Continue reading Observations from Snarky Puppy

Author’s Intent

Knowing what a person intends to say is quite important when it comes to understanding the words they say.  Let’s say for example Bob says “He killed it today!”.  Depending on what Bob intended to communicate, the sentence could mean completely different things.  It could mean Bob saw someone killing a big cockroach(or some other terrifying beast) today or it could mean Bob saw a singer deliver … Continue reading Author’s Intent