What Are You Reading? 09-01-2018

On this week’s list:

  1. Fragmentary Notes on Mark’s Gospel (Mark 1): Thabiti Anywabile puts together some of his thoughts on the first chapter of Mark’s gospel.
  2. 12 Principles on How to Disagree with Other Christians: How do you go about disagreeing with other christians. These principles are very helpful
  3. Keep Technology in Its Proper Place in 2018: The technology space is rapidly evolving the way we live our lives and interact with each other. Knowing how to use technology in a beneficial way is something we all need to learn. “The proper place for technology won’t be exactly the same for every family, and it isn’t the same at every season of our lives. Figuring out the proper place for technology in our particular family and stage of life requires discernment rather than a simple formula. But almost anything is better than letting technology overwhelm us with its default settings, taking over our lives and stunting our growth in the ways that really matter…”
  4. How To Make Your Church Uncomfortable: Comfortable churches are common. In a comfortable church, people come from the same class, are the same color, live in similar neighborhoods, enjoy the same kinds of music and worship styles, get their news and political ideas from the same sources, and welcome more people like themselves…”

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