What Are You Reading? 15-01-2018

  1. The Day I Made My Biggest Mistake in Evangelism: “… Friends, never underestimate the power of God’s Word. It is a fire that can melt and a hammer that can break even the hardest hearts… We can schedule meetings—but thanks be to God, he schedules conversions
  2. Moralism is Not the Gospel (But Many Christians Think It Is): “…We are justified by faith alone, saved by grace alone, and redeemed from our sin by Christ alone. Moralism produces sinners who are (potentially) better behaved. The Gospel of Christ transforms sinners into the adopted sons and daughters of God
  3. Why repentant pastors should be forgiven but not restored to the pulpit: A very good take on what it means for a pastor to be “above reproach”. “… To be a pastor, you at least need to meet the qualifications Paul gave to his disciple Timothy … “Above reproach” doesn’t mean a pastor is sinless. It means that if everything about his life is brought into the light, people would still trust him and follow him in the way of godliness.
  4. What Does “Gospel” Mean? Philippians 1:27–28: Grab your Bible, a notebook and some highlighters. “… How do you define ‘the gospel of Christ’ in Philippians 1:27–28? If all you had was the Bible, how could you find the definition?

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