• 5 Tips for Engaging with Scripture: 1.Rewrite individual verses and passages 2.Create your own study notes alongside passages of Scripture 3.Journal through or meditate on the meaning of passages 4.Record sermon notes at church 5.Pray through the Bible…
  • What do You Mean by Asking Me to Meditate on Scripture!?: How do you really meditate on a passage of Scripture? Someone has said, “Christian meditation is ‘thinking hard’ about a passage.” Well, how do you actually “think hard” about a passage of Scripture? What follows is a simple method of Scripture meditation for your consideration…
  • Faithful Evangelism: Jesus’ Parables Remind Us That The Gospel Is A Message Of Salvation From The Wrath To Come: Many people regard Jesus’ parables as nice accessible stories that provide a model for our preaching and teaching. I have recently been reading through the gospels and have been reminded that this is a fundamental misunderstanding…
  • Look to the Interests of Others: What does it mean to “look . . . to the interests of others”? Do you do this with people in your life?…
  • Discerning Truth From Falsehood: How do you know is something is true or false? How do you discern whether a teaching is true or false? We are called in various parts of the Bible to stand firm in the gospel and denounce false teaching. But how do we go about doing that?…


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