Author’s Intent

Knowing what a person intends to say is quite important when it comes to understanding the words they say.  Let’s say for example Bob says “He killed it today!”.  Depending on what Bob intended to communicate, the sentence could mean completely different things.  It could mean Bob saw someone killing a big cockroach(or some other terrifying beast) today or it could mean Bob saw a singer deliver … Continue reading Author’s Intent

Helpful resources for studying the Bible

I have been seeing quite a few helpful articles around that speaks on how we study the Bible. In Reading the Bible Like Jesus: Luke 24 and Reading the Bible Like Jesus: Matt. 22:31,Thabiti Anyabwile reminds us how Christ’s view of scripture should influence the way we also read and understand. In My Preferred Way To Read The Bible, Jim Elliff gives some very helpful suggestions of ways … Continue reading Helpful resources for studying the Bible

Helpful questions for studying the Bible

Found this very useful guide for Bible Reading and study. Our desire was to create a simple, reproducible strategy that would facilitate this process. This led us to develop a simply strategy for small clusters (2-3 people) to meet together regularly and talk about the Scriptures and apply them to their lives. The seven arrows of Bible reading were an attempt at developing a tool … Continue reading Helpful questions for studying the Bible